Corrin Sotala


Corrin Sotala



Corrin Sotala’s (she/her) journey into the field of mental health began as a school counselor. Her 14 years of working closely with children and adolescents allowed her to develop a deep understanding of their unique emotional needs, as well as the challenges they faced during their formative years. This invaluable experience laid a strong foundation for her career as a therapist.

After graduating with her degree as a professional therapist, Corrin sought out internships that allowed her to work with adults of all ages. Her experience includes working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, past trauma, substance use disorders, and codependency. Her experiences have equipped her with a deep understanding of individuals across various age groups, allowing her to provide empathetic, tailored, and effective counseling services to clients of all backgrounds and walks of life. Corrin is a Licensed Professional Therapist Associate in Wisconsin and Minnesota.