Beth Riley


Beth Riley



Beth (she/her) is a highly experienced therapist with a national reputation for clinical expertise in healing those struggling with eating disorders and weight-related issues. Her approach combines evidence based, cutting edge skills with a passion for her work and a deep commitment to those she serves. She has helped hundreds of individuals to overcome their eating and weight struggles and go on to live fulfilling lives.

Beth specializes in working with those who struggle with binge eating, overeating, pre and post bariatric patients and yo-yo dieters. More recently, she is seeing individuals who are either considering or have tried GLP1 medications and are seeking more sustainable options to addressing their disordered eating behaviors.

She understands that weight, eating and body image issues are complex and can stem from genetics, environmental triggers, trauma (especially societal weight and size discrimination) lack of boundaries and STRESS. Beth believes that treating all of the above is essential to creating overall wellness with long-lasting effects.

Beth is knowledgeable, direct, warm, non-judgmental and funny. She believes in empowering individuals to dig deep and uncover their authentic selves so they can live according to their values. She offers a unique perspective since she has been through her own struggles with weight and body image. She is a safe person to open up to about anything, and she will never judge you.

Individuals who work with Beth are provided with tangible skills and coping tools to replace longstanding self-destructive behaviors. She also offers a comprehensive relapse prevention plan to ensure long lasting recovery.

Her approach includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Enhanced (CBT-E), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness. She has a deep understanding of the negative impact caused weight and size stigma and is a longtime advocate for societal change to improve the lives of those living in larger bodies.

When not working, Beth can be found feeding the birds in her garden, walking her 2 rescue dogs (Jasper and Joni) in the local park and on the trails near her house or hanging out in NYC with friends and her very hip daughter Lily (who lives in Brooklyn). She is also passionate about language and is fluent in both French and Italian.