Aimee Arikian


Aimee Arikian



Aimee (she/her/hers) believes that learning is a gift and that we are all social beings, inherently needing acceptance in relationships to thrive. Thus, therapy with Aimee includes curiosity and open positive regard. Aimee also likes to understand relational and emotional background – believing the accumulation of our experiences inform how we interact, which coping tools we use, and how we view ourselves.

After over 19 years in the fields of research and therapy with those diagnosed with eating disorders (ED), Aimee understands ED as coping mechanisms, learned through experience. For different folx or at different times for the same person, ED might help to numb or feel, to gather with or protect from, to punish or reward, and the list goes on… Unfortunately these coping habits also come with strongly negative consequences like harsh self-judgments and isolation from nurturing relationships we might learn and grow in. She believes recovery is a process of acknowledging past hurts, understanding how we’ve tried our best with what we had, and learning to listen to inner wisdom, playfulness, hopes, and dreams.

Aimee received a PhD in Educational Psychology from The University of Minnesota with a major in Counseling and a minor in Prevention Science. Through specializing in ED for almost 2 decades, she has come to utilize many therapy interventions (such as behavioral, mindfulness based, somatic, interpersonal process, positive affect, acceptance and value driven approaches). These interventions also target common co-occurring emotional distress beyond ED including anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief.

Aimee works with adult clients part-time for Gather Behavioral Health including two weekly outpatient groups (Body Image Yoga and Radically Open DBT Skills Class).